The Flu, Resolutions, Bribe the Chicken, Startup Crushes

The title of this post is absurd. But that’s because we have a lot going on.

First of all, one of the Clucks is writing this post from a tres-chic hotel in a fancy ski town in Colorado that will remain unnamed. She is with her very sweet fiancĂ©, who is currently down-and-out with the flu. What’s a startup girl to do? Break out the Mac and get to work! We feel badly that there is a part of us that is gleeful for a night that began with completely unfiltered Twitter surfing, and that has yielded enough time for a new blog entry. We are sorry, fiancĂ©, but we are making the best of things.

Next, both of the Clucks are fired up about 2013. We have business plans in the works, beta testing (hopefully) in the near future, and we’re planning on stalking some other companies (mostly other startups working in the same general galaxy as ours) to see if they want to partner with us. If you are reading this, awesome startup with a parenting/content/distribution focus, we may come calling.

In addition, we are always impressed and humbled by the sage advice of the folks that have built successful companies. Tonight the thoughts of David Cummings ( really resonated with us – what to do with the chicken and egg scenario when you are building a startup. When you (we) need one thing to reach another (equally important) thing, and the growth of each is co-dependent. “Bribe the Chicken” can be found here:

It sounded a little iffy at first, but when we dug in, the premise was authentic for us. We have more thinking to do about how My CluckCluck is going to run around bribing other chickens (terrible play on words – could not resist).

Lastly, while we are working away at our app, there are parts of it that will ultimately only work out if other partners think it’s a good idea too. We’re compiling our wish lists… and in that process finding ourselves with a few startup crushes. It’s the equivalent of gazing across the gym with puppy dog eyes just hoping that guy/girl will somehow intuit that we are really, truly meant to be together if s/he would just look our way. Stated another way, we’re constantly impressed with the cool, daring, thoughtful, great things other people build.

With all of this, this Cluck is going to sign off, and perhaps use the remainder of the free evening to refine some 2013 resolutions.

Happy New Year from My CluckCluck!