Being Stealth and Other Topics

Well, it’s been a quiet time for us at My CluckCluck. “Stealth” – in startupspeak.

Stealth indeed.

I guess we are still “stealth” and will be for awhile longer… but I just wanted to post some recent experiences and observations.

First, I attended an Atlanta TechCrunch event last week, and wanted to report back. For starters, more than 1,200 people showed up at the event. It seems sufficient to say that I was one of very few women in the room…and quite possibly the ONLY woman in the room with 3 kids, 2 cats, a chicken and an overweight Golden Retriever, who also happens to be a startup founder and (why does this feel like a side-note??) a tech lawyer with special affection for computer engineers. There is a good chance I’m biased (in my own favor) but I departed from the event with confidence that our company is indeed on a path to solving a big problem, and that the passion E and I share on potentially moving the needle in helping parents balance their lives at work and at home will ultimately come out through our product. I was also intimidated by the dudes wearing neon, startup-branded headbands.

Next, I will admit that I was irrationally thrilled by the “Marissa Mayer” newsbreak. I won’t pontificate. Just cheering for one of our gals, and hoping that the mighty Yahoo can find its place and direction. Also looking forward to seeing Marissa carve out a new path for smart girls, who also happen to be parents. Maybe Marissa will beta test our app?? (#youneverknow)

That’s it for this week – we have much to do… must get to it.