Thanks Frank

Thanks Frank. Seriously. We so enjoyed your op-ed this week.

Our readers can find your article here:

We appreciated it for a variety of reasons — but the biggest one was the fact that you stood up for your mom. As mothers (2 founders, 5 littles, many pets), we just like guys that stand up for their mothers, no matter what. But as MOTHERS, entrepreneurs, lawyers, wives, girlfriends, women and people, we just liked what you had to say today.

Hilary Rosen’s comment about Ann Romney set fire to the always-there-so-called-mommy-wars firestorm. And as you so respectfully commented, none of this noise really matters. We’re all working hard. At home with kids. In the office.

Hello, y’all? Taking care of other people is one of the wonderful gifts in this life, but it’s also hard.

We raise this here because our idea is built on this exact issue. Taking care of people is both wonderful and hard. We believe, so passionately, that technology can make it easier.

And so… the wheels of progress turn on…

Just wanted to put out there that we are nodding in agreement with you Frank. Hugging our little boys in the hope that they might stick up for us in the NY Times someday too. And working really, really hard behind the scenes to get our business up and running so we can play our part in the progress that we all need to do more for all of the people and places that require our time and attention.


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