Anxiety + All In

Friends.  This is a wild ride!

First of all, we were excited to set up our Twitter profile.  You can find us at @mycluckcluck.

Also, in startup news — first, we had a couple of meetings with potential developers last week. One was on vacation this week, the other promised us some info, and was busy, which we understand.  But when we saw a certain **new** social media site go up, and go crazy, this week, we got very, very anxious. We made a few calls, everyone is engaged again, and we are happier. More to come…

So… we’re working on executing some action items this week!  Talk to developers! Check!  Ask our super-smart friends to look at our business plan! Check! Fret, needlessly, over factors we cannot control?! Yep!

But don’t be fooled, we are loving this.  E sent me an article, with a title of “All In” today. It gave me chills… and inspired me to get after it…  here it is – happy reading:

We are ALL IN. Stay with us… more to come..


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