Optimism (and its unwelcome cousin, Doubt)

Well, it has been a full week, almost to the hour, since E and I hatched our idea on my back porch. It originated from a real-life “why isn’t there an app for this?!” moment, and (at least in our own minds) had a life of its own from there. We think it’s a really good idea. The kind we would have downloaded for 99 cents awhile ago, if someone else has done it first. We are in the tech world, as lawyers, but we really get the “passion” bit a lot more now that we have our own baby idea…

But as soon as we got the confidence that comes from the “a-ha” moment I just mentioned, we also got insecure! Doubt! Neurotic! We watched the launch of a couple of different apps this week and thought “They totally know our idea and are surely building it too…” That certainly is possible. But… Not likely.

Anyway, more updates to come. This process is clearly as much about psychology (ours) as it is about ideas (also ours).

— H


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